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Course Summary & CPD points

There are two parts to this course. Part A and Part B. Part A and Part B each costs $400.00.

Part A provides the theory and practical in yoga for the lymphatic system: lymphoedema and lipoedema over an introductory and five modules which you can do in as short or long a time as you can comfortably do it:

  • CPD points = 40 CPD
  • 19 face-to-face equivalent + 11 non-contact + 10 hours practicum

Part B provides an opportunity for you to provide a report on the theory of the lymphatic system: lymphoedema and lipoedema and yoga and a compromised lymphatic system and do a practicum under my mentorship:

  • CPD points = 90 CPD
  • 23 face-to-face equivalent + 25 non-contact + 77 hours practicum

For both course A and course B:120 contact (including 77 practicum) and 36 non contact = 155 total course hours.

Part A

The course is in modules. Each module has one theme such as: Introduction; The Lymphatic System; What is lymphoedema?; Lymphoedema Treatment; Fascia; The Role of Yoga. Each module contains theory and practice.

Each module consists of various documents. The document named Module Instructions will list all the documents and files for each module.

The other documents include:

  • Instructions: these will tell you exactly what to do in each module.
  • A powerpoint PDF with notes = which will give you some theory and some explanations.
  • A worksheet: with exercises for you to complete.
  • Annette’s notes = for you to check some of your answers.
  • There are also audio and video practices.

You will be asked to complete exercises and write any questions you may have for me on Word documents. You may also like to make notes in a notebook or in a folder on your computer.

At the end of each module you will be asked to send me an email with a Word document attached with any questions or comments that you would like me to respond to as well as your completed exercises.

You can download the Modules from Dropbox (www.dropbox.com) as the video and audio files and powerpoint PDFs are quite large. All course content is copyrighted and you will be asked to complete an Agreement that asks you to not use the course material for any other purpose except your own study and use.

You will also be sent supplementary course materials to support your learning such as relevant articles and notes. It is suggested you obtain one DVD:

Yoga for secondary arm lymphoedema

produced by Annette Loudon*



If you would like to go ahead I shall send you a registration form to complete, and you can then send it back to me, deposit the course fee by direct transfer, then we can proceed. The course is on Dropbox, so when registration is complete I shall invite you to join.

Namaste, the spirit in me goes out to meet the spirit in you.

Annette Loudon

* Please note, I do not get money from the sale of this DVD: all money goes back to the Australasian Lymphology Association to further their work.

Part B

Extension course with mentoring

Aim:  to integrate the theory and practice of the principles of the yoga for the lymphatic system: lymphoedema & lipoedema course so that you as a yoga teacher will have the necessary skills to teach a student with lymphoedema/lipoedema while getting mentored in a safe way. The cost of the course is $400.00. A student registration form will be completed and payment made before commencement.

There are three tasks:

  • A Practical – which involves a case-study and report on teaching.
  • B Theoretical – which involves two reports: one on lymphoedema and one on yoga and lymphoedema; and also a reflection on how you used this theory in your actual teaching.
  • C Discussion – To finalise the course and what has been learnt.

NB It is recommended that the theoretical components numbers B and C be done before the actual teaching. As lymphoedema/lipoedema is a medical condition it is important you understand the principles behind lymphatic clearing and the medical condition of lymphoedema/lipoedema before teaching someone with lymphoedema/lipoedema.

To understand and put into practice principles of the Yoga for the Lymphatic System: Lymphoedema & Lipoedema Course by teaching a woman/man who has primary or secondary lymphoedema or lipoedema for 8 hours of yoga over an appropriate period depending on the person (eg 2 x half hour weekly sessions over a one 4 week period; or 1 x one hour weekly session over an 8 week period).

You will have constant feedback from Annette, and then be assessed on your final report and video.

After finding a suitable woman/man (student) you can do the following.


  1. Before teaching commences. Find a student. Liaise with a local lymphoedema therapist so the student can be measured pre and post course and so there is a backup if student or yoga teacher feels uncertain of student’s reaction to yoga. This should ideally be the student’s own lymphoedema therapist. You will learn a lot by actually attending one of your student’s lymphatic draining sessions.


  1. Create a Client Information sheet suitable for the student with lymphoedema.

Send to Annette for checking, make amendments and prepare final Sheet.

  1. Ask the student to complete the Client Information Sheet and

Write a program with reasons for practices in an integrated yoga session as well as contra-indications.
Send to Annette for suggestions before teaching commences; please note this will probably change as you go along.

  1. Teaching to occur with self-reflection on teaching after each lesson.

Please send each lesson to Annette via email in a Word document for comment and suggestions.

  1. Video one session, it doesn’t matter which one.
    Please send by memory stick with sae or Dropbox to Annette.
  2. Write up the program with self-reflection and analysis of what went well and what could be improved (using the discussion and feedback from Annette in 4. above).
  3. Gain feedback from the student being taught on what they perceived went well, and what could be improved.
  4. Include all written work as outlined in 6 and 7 above in a report.
    Please send to Annette as a Word document for assessment. It will be marked using Track Changes and Comments.

Time frame: 2-3 months

To understand the lymph system and what happens in a compromised lymph system as caused by lymphoedema/lipoedema.  The causes, effects and treatment of lymphoedema/lipoedema. To understand the theoretical and practical principles behind teaching yoga to people with lymphoedema/lipoedema. To apply this to the actual teaching that will occur.


  1. Write a report describing the lymph system, a compromisedl lymph system and the difference between primary and secondary lymphoedema. Then write about either upper or lower limb secondary lymphoedema from cancer treatment. The description of secondary lymphoedema from cancer treatment should include information on causes, effects and treatment options. You can add something about lipoedema if you like.
  2. Write an in depth description of the principles of yoga for someone with lymphoedema (either primary or secondary) or lipoedema. For example; commence with slow, full diaphragmatic breathing to empty the lymphatic system back into the venous system. This breath will also balance the nervous system, calm the person and prepare the person for their yoga session.
  3. Write a brief description of a research study on yoga and lymphoedema/lipoedema (Annette will provide if you don’t already have a copy).
  4. Describe how the knowledge of these two reports were utilised in the teaching program.

Time frame: 4 months

Please send to Annette for marking as a Word document and feedback will be given using Track Changes and Comments. Please send 1. 2. and 3. before commencing teaching. Number 4. can be sent with the practical report.

Please reference your material so you can locate it easily when you need to look for it, and so that Annette can look it up.  Use a uniform referencing system such as APA or Harvard. This will help you in the long run.

Discussion by phone or skype of your practical and theoretical learning experience over the six- twelve month period and discussion of how this knowledge can be utilised in the future.

Total time frame:  6-12 months

Method of assessment:

The aim of this course is to give as much feedback as possible with mentoring. Work requiring changes is not to be regarded as a difficulty but rather as an opportunity to have guided learning within a protective relationship between us. Dialogue is encouraged. Reflection on the teaching and learning process by both you and your student in the case-study is considered an important aspect of this course and also seen as an educational opportunity.

All work to be sent by email as Word documents or in the case of the lesson a memory stick with an sae or included on a Dropbox if you’d like it sent back. Final discussion by Skype or phone.  Work will usually be returned within three days of receiving it, unless I notify you to say she that I will need longer.

Work will be sent back with clear instruction of what needs to be added or changed and you will be referred to appropriate resources if necessary.  I invite discussion of any of my suggested changes.