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Course Summary & /CPD points

There are two parts to this course. Part A and Part B. Part A and Part B each cost $400.00.

Part A provides the theory and practical in yoga for breast cancer over an introductory and five modules which you can do in as short or long a time as you can comfortably do it:

  • CPD points = 39 CPD
  • 34 face-to-face equivalent + 11 non-contact + 5 hours practicum

Part B provides an opportunity for you to provide a report on the theory of breast cancer and yoga and breast cancer and do a practicum under my mentorship:

  • CPD points = 53 CPD
  • 17 face-to-face equivalent + 13 non-contact + 35 hours practicum.

In total: 91 contact (including 40 practicum) and 24 non contact = 115 total course hours

Part A

The course is in modules. Each module has one theme such as: Introduction; Yoga Philosophy And Breast Cancer; What Is Breast Cancer?; Breast Cancer Treatment; Fascia; The Role Of Yoga. Each module contains theory and practice.

Each module consists of various documents. The document named Module Information, will list all the documents and files for each module.

The other documents include:

  • Instructions = these will tell you exactly what to do in each module.
  • A powerpoint PDF with notes = which will give you some theory and some explanations.
  • A worksheet: with exercises for you to complete.
  • Annette’s notes: for you to check some of your answers.
  • There are also audio and video practices.

You will be asked to complete exercises and write any questions you may have for me on Word documents. You may also like to make notes in a notebook or in a folder on your computer.

At the end of each module you will be asked to send me an email with a Word document attached with any questions or comments that you would like me to respond to as well as your completed exercises.

You can download the Modules from Dropbox (www.dropbox.com) as the video and audio files and powerpoint PDFs are quite large. All course content is copyrighted and you will be asked to sign an agreement that asks you to not use it for any other purpose except your own study and use.

You will also be sent supplementary course materials to support your learning such as relevant articles and notes. It is suggested you obtain three DVDs:

“Yoga After Breast Cancer” from YWCANSWEncore

produced by Annette Loudon*


Listen you Women – your breasts are precious

produced by Bosom Buddies NT and MWCreative


Yoga for secondary arm lymphoedema

produced by Annette Loudon

If you would like to go ahead I shall send you a registration form to complete, and you can then send it back to me, deposit the course fee by direct transfer, then we can proceed. The course is on Dropbox, so when registration is complete I shall invite you to join.

Part B

Extension course with mentoring

Aim:  To integrate the theory and practice of the principles of the two-day Yoga for Breast Cancer course or Part A online course and to create an opportunity mentoring from Annette with appropriate and constant feedback as required to assist reflection of your teaching and provide a safe and supported learning environment for you and your student.

A  Practical

  1. Teaching: You will put into practice the principles of the two-day course or Part A online course by teaching yoga to a woman who has had or is having treatment for breast cancer (without lymphoedema) for eight hours over several sessions. These lessons may be short and more numerous or longer – depending on what you and your student decide is appropriate, but should include at least one session of personal instruction per week. For example, it may be appropriate to teach 8 one-hour sessions or 4 one and a half-hour sessions. This will need to be decided between you and your student and may change during the course of the teaching depending on her reaction to treatment. Each lesson will be discussed with Annette and feedback given. You will need to keep a log of each face-to-face session.
  2. Client information sheet and lesson plans: You will prepare a client information form suitable for someone having or who has had treatment for breast cancer. You will also prepare an outline of proposed lessons. These will then be updated as your teaching progresses.
  • Video recording of one session: You will record one of the sessions and upload it onto Dropbox or usb stick and send to Annette. You must have the consent of the person either recorded on the video or in writing.
  1. Self-reflection and feedback from the student: You will write a short self-reflection on what went well and what you have learnt, and what could be improved. You will also provide honest feedback from the student on how the teaching was for her.

All written Information can be sent as a Word document by attachment to an email. The recording can be sent by a USB stick by postal mail or uploaded to a Dropbox. A self-addressed envelope with postage paid must be included for return of usb stick. Consent must be given by the student in writing or on the video recording. This recording will NOT be shared with anyone but the assessor and after marking will not be kept by the assessor.

You will:

  1. Create a questionnaire suitable for the woman.
    This is then sent to Annette for comment and feedback.
  2. Administer the health questionnaire to the student.
  3. Write a program with reasons for practices in an integrated yoga session as well as contra-indications.
    This is then sent to Annette as a Word document for comment and feedback before teaching commences. Track changes will be used for reviewing all documents sent.
  4. Teaching to occur.

After each lesson you will send in the lesson to Annette with your own reflection on what went well and what you could improve upon. Include possible changes for the next session. You may also ask any questions about the teaching or that has come up for you or your student. Please ask as many questions as you like.

  1. Recording of one lesson in its entirety and put onto Dropbox or usb device.
    You will then send this to Annette for feedback who will advise on suggested changes or improvements if necessary. The usb device will be returned only if there is a prepaid self-addressed envelope supplied.
  2. Write up the lessons with self-reflection and analysis of what went well and what could be improved.
  3. Gain feedback from the student being taught on what she perceived went well, and what could be improved.
    All of the above (no 6 and 7) to be sent to Annette for feedback as a Word document-perhaps at the same time as the DVD/usb.

Time frame: 2-3 months (20 hours for one to one teaching, including lesson, preparation, feedback from Annette; 10 hours report writing including self-reflection and reflection from student;5 hours mentoring from Annette on videoed lesson). TOTAL = 35 hours practicum

Please note, often lessons won’t go to plan due to unexpected illness of the student being taught.

B  Theoretical

i.To understand breast cancer as an illness and its physical effects and treatments and how these impact upon a woman physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and socially.

ii.To have a theoretical framework of the illness of breast cancer according to the yoga model of health and cancer related illness.

iii.To critique a research paper on yoga and breast cancer. This will be in the form of written reports sent as word documents as attachments to emails.

You will write three reports:

  1. Breast cancer-causes, treatment, effects of treatment – physically and psycho-socially.
  2. The theoretical framework of breast cancer including the yoga model of the kosha and guna and any other yoga model of disease.
  3. A report on an article on yoga and breast cancer (This can be provided by Annette if necessary).

These reports can be in prose or summary points but must have relevant information.

Time frame: 4 months (30 hours = 13 hours report writing and 16.5 hours feedback from Annette)

Report to be sent to Annette as a Word document for marking and feedback will be given by track changes.

C  Feedback session – by skype or phone or email.

We will have a discussion of what you have learnt over the past 6-8 months about yoga and breast cancer, your teaching and what came up for you and future directions.

We will arrange a suitable time together.

Time frame:  20 – 30 minutes. (30 minutes face to face equivalent)

Method of assessment:

This is a competency based course. Assessment will be marked competent or returned with suggestions. The aim of this course is to give as much feedback as possible while you are doing the course. Feedback is given as an opportunity to have guided learning and receive as much mentoring as required. Dialogue is encouraged. Reflection on your teaching and learning process by both you and your student is considered an important aspect of this course and also seen as an educational opportunity.

All work is to be sent as a Word document by email or in the case of the lesson a video recording uploaded onto a Dropbox or usb memory stick by postal mail.  Final discussion is by Skype, phone or email.  Work will usually be returned within three days of receiving it, unless I notify you to say it will be longer.

Work will be sent back with clear instruction of what needs to be added or changed and you will be referred to appropriate resources if necessary.  I invite discussion of any of my suggested changes.