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Annette has been teaching Yoga with a focus on yoga therapy for 20 years. Integrating Yoga into daily life has been her focus since being introduced to yoga when living in a village in Bali in 1975. She has recently completed a Masters of Medical Sciences degree by researching the effects of Yoga on women with secondary arm lymphoedema from breast cancer. Annette runs courses on yoga and breast cancer and has made a DVD accessible through YWCANSW Encore. She has presented at many conferences and is currently a member of faculty for the Graduate Certificate in yoga therapy.

Trained originally by Yoga for Health in Great Britain in order to teach yoga therapy, she has studied with many other teachers, and has been influenced strongly by teachings from the Satyananda Yoga® tradition.

Annette has always followed the words of Krishnamachara “If you can breathe, you can do yoga”. This has led to her teaching yoga to people with MS, people in wheelchairs, the profoundly deaf, intellectually disabled youth, people on probation, disabled athletes, the NSW cerebral palsy soccer team, people with back pain and people with many other illnesses. Annette has worked holistically with physiotherapists, chiropractors and osteopaths with a focus on rehabilitation. Annette is a member of Yoga Australia, IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapists), and AAYT.

Annette has a long list of qualifications to her name. She has graduate and post-graduate qualifications in Education and Management, as well as being highly qualified in Yoga, Pilates, Massage and Exercise Science. She is also highly experienced in each of these fields. Her commitment to adult education has resulted in many fellowships to study course deliveries overseas.

Graduate Certificate in Yoga Therapy

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I first met Annette at the beginning of 2002 when I was wanting to begin gentle yoga in an attempt to gain some flexibility in my back, after having a diagnosis of advanced secondary breast cancer…

Annette looked after each individual student and their particular problem in the most caring, gentle and compassionate way. It was almost as though we each had a private lesson. Particular movements were altered and modified to suit the capabilities of each one of us. Relaxation and meditation at the beginning and end of each class was inspiring and relevant to us all.

Over the time I attended Annette’s classes I witnessed many students who had very difficult medical problems but who always gained enormously from Annette’s yoga expertise and her unfaltering kindness. I can say without fear of contradiction that all of Annette’s students have nothing but praise for her ability as a yoga teacher and the utmost respect for her as a person.

Susan Forsyth

Annette is an exceptional teacher who provides individual attention and exercises specific to the needs of each member of the group. Annette’s Pilates classes were recommended to me by a sports medicine specialist in order to develop strength, maintain range of movement and postpone the need for joint replacement surgery for as long as possible. Whilst I did have the surgery (hip replacement) 2 years after I commenced Pilates, I am convinced that my rapid recovery was in no small way due to the strength and stability I gained through attending Annette’s classes. I really value Annette’s warmth and her caring approach and I have learned a great deal from her.

Jill Cuthbert, Your Content Goes Here

Hi Annette,

Just letting you know how much I enjoyed your DVD.

You have a really good presence in front of the camera and I found all your instructions for the yoga poses were very clear and helpful. It was good to have the explanations so I knew why actions were performed and I could listen and know what to do without always watching the TV.

Loved the candle meditation and found the information given really interesting. It was good to have both talking and silence.

Overall a great DVD which I both enjoyed and learnt a lot from.

Jennifer McMahon, Your Content Goes Here

I loved everything about the whole day – the greeting of everyone at the beginning, meeting so many wonderful people, the DVD with those beautiful indigenous women, the privilege of hearing such honest personal stories, but most of all your amazing body of knowledge and the way you presented it…

Shanti, Your Content Goes Here